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Many consumer goods, from cosmetics and personal care products to home cleansers and industrial uses, depend on surfactants. Known for its ability to emulsify and foam, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate is a surfactant that is widely used in body washes and shampoos, among other personal care products. Even sensitive skin can benefit from its mild, sulfate-free formula, which also efficiently removes oils and grime. Another extraordinary Surfactants that is noteworthy for its outstanding conditioning qualities is ester quaternary ammonium salt. 
Product Image (HDC-AOS-92)

Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate

Price: 1.43 - 5.00 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance (25„): White or slightly yellow powdery solid; Odour: No abnormal odour; Free alkali (Calculated as NaOH, converted to 100% active substance): Not more than 1.0%; Active Substance (MMW: 329): 90.0% 94.0%; The content of unsulfonated materials (Converted according to 100% active substance): Not more than 4.0%; The content of sodium sulfate (Converted according to 100% active substance): Not more than 6.0%; Colour (5% active substance aqueous solution) / Klett: Not more than 60

Product Image (HDC-ESTERQUAT-001)

Ester Quaternary Ammonium Salt

Price: 2.26 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance: White or light yellow paste; Actives: 1.00 1.15 mmol/g; Solid Content: 87% 93%; Acid Value: Not more than 6 mg/g; Amine Value: Not more than 6 mg/g; pH Value: 2.0 4.0; Colour(Gardner): Not more than 3

Product Image (HDC-AEO-9)

Primary Alcobol Ethoxylate AEO-9

Price: 1.31 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance@25ï: White liquid; pH Value: 6.0 7.0; Colour APHA Hazen: Not more than 40; Water Content: Not more than 0.5%; Cloud Point: 77ï 83ï; Hydroxyl Value: 90 mgKOH/g 100 mgKOH/g; Polyethylene Glycol: Not more than 5%; Active Substance: Not less than 99.0%

Product Image (HDC-DLSS-001)

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate

Price: 1.50 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance(25„): White fine cream; pH Value(5% Aqueous Solution): 5.0 7.0; Solid Content: 48.0% 52.0%; Active Matter: Not less than 43.0%; Sodium Sulfite: Not more than 0.5%

Product Image (HDC-SCA-40)

Sodium Cocoamphoacetate

Price: 2.05 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance(25„): Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid; Colour(Gardner): Not more than 3; pH Value(10% Aqueous Solution): 8.510.5; Viscosity(mPa·s , 25„): Not more than 10000; Solid Content: 38.0%42.0%; Active Matter: 30.0%32.0%; Sodium Chloride Content: Not more than 7.6%

Product Image (HDC-CAB-45)

Cocoamidopropyl Betaine(CAB) 45%

Price: 0.89 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance: Light yellow clear liquid; Active Matter Content: Not less than 37%; pH Value(5% Aqueous Solution): 4.0 7.0; Sodium Chloride Content: Not more than 7.5%; Free Amine Content: Not more than 1.0%; Solid Content: 44% 46%; Colour(Hazen): Not more than 300


Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

Price: 2.20 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance: Clear liquid; Active Matter Content: 29.0% 31.0%; Colour(APHA): Not more than 60; Sodium Laurate Content: Not more than 1.6%; pH Value(10% Solution): 7.5 8.5; Sodium Chloride: Less than 0.2%; Total Plate Count: Not more than 100 CFU/g

Product Image (HDC-DCG-001)

Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate

Price: 2.07 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance(25„): Clear to slightly turbid liquid; Total Solid: 28.0% 32.0%; Colour(APHA): Not more than 150; Sodium Chloride: 3.0% 6.0%; pH Value: 9.0 11.0; Heavy Metals(as Pb): Not more than 10 ppm; Arsenic(As): Not more than 2 ppm

Product Image (HDC-COCAMIDE-DEA)

Coconut Diethanolamide

Price: 1.30 USD ($)/Kilograms

Appearance: Yellow transparent viscous liquid; Active Content: Not less than 77.0%; pH Value(5% 1:1 IPA/water): 9.5 11.0; Water: Not more than 0.5%; Hazen: Not more than 350; Glycerine: Not more than 10%; The Amine Value: Not more than 30 mgKOH/g